Top exercise DVD programs

Whether it is a cold weather or you don’t have enough time or whatever the reason may be, sometimes you just cannot go to the gym. Here are some great cross training videos for boxing. But, the good news is that you must not stop with your training routine if you do not have enough time for the gym, because there are hundreds of video material online to help you with your training. Get ready to get your carpet dirty! Or get a training mat for sure! Training DVDs have evolved over time and now we have many types of them, from yoga DVDs to Pilates and dance programs. In a sea of those various training programs it is hard to decide which one to follow, which one should be the one to earn your trust.

So, the first step should be deciding which type of exercise you want, because as we said, there are many of them. Once you do that, it should be easier for you to choose. Usually, people have a temptation to buy DVDs in which celebrities do the exercises, but the fact that there is famous person involved doesn’t mean that the video material has more quality that the one without celebrity. Another feature to look for in a video material is a tutorial or instructional segment – especially if you’ve never done that type of exercise before. Here is the overview of top 3 exercise DVDs.

“10-minute solution” series.

This video series offers a choice between toning, cardio or yoga. Each video is divided into 6 sections, each 10 minutes long. The name of instructor is Stella Sandoval. Total running time is about 54 minutes. The good thing about this DVD is that you don’t need any equipment to follow the instructions from the video material. You can offer this DVD on for $7.49.

Build Up Your Muscles by Gin Miller

This amazing DVD shows you how to use basic workout equipment, including ankle weights, weight training tubing, an exercise ball and weights. There are four different workouts, each 45 minutes long. Exercises shown on this DVD focus on good form, teaching you similar exercises with varying resistance. Also, each exercise is shown slowly so you can understand it and execute it perfectly. You can have this DVD for just under $18 on Amazon.


The name says it all. This is probably the hardest workout ever put on DVD (as author claim). You’ll get amazing results with this DVD, that’s for sure. Authors of this insane workout DVD claim that, with workouts shown on this DVD, you’ll get the results that would normally take a year, for just 60 days. It can help you to gain mass, to lose weight and to build muscle. Customers of this DVD are really overwhelmed. Here is what one of them said about Insanity: “I have abs. I have arms. I have definition all over my body. And I did this in 60 days with INSANITY. That’s it.” But, as every good exercise DVD, this one has its bad side also. The price is relatively high. For 10 CDs of INSANITY, you’ll have to pay $144.80 on Amazon. Comparing to other DVDs, the price of this one is high, but the quality of training and results are guaranteed.