Top boxing gyms in San Antonio

If you want to be a boxer in San Antonio, or just to train like a boxer, you have many gyms at your disposal no matter in which part of the city you live in. In San Antonio, you can find some of the best boxing academies and gyms in Texas. Here are some of the most popular gyms in the city.

  • ChampionFit Boxing Gym

ChampionFit Gym is a boxing gym that provides training for all levels, from beginner to professional, for men, women and children. Every member of this gym performs the same drills as pro boxers and undergoes the same technique development as every professional boxer. This gym will help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter if you want to lose weight, to keep your body in shape or to start a boxing career, even. ChampionFit Gym is popular because of the 2x World Champion Boxer Jesse James Leija, who trains in this gym. Although you will get a first-class training, price is slightly higher than in other gyms. As a primary member, you have to pay $125/month. If you are taking your spouse or child with you, then the membership for both of you will be $195/month. If price is not a problem for you, this is definitely number one choice if you are looking for boxing gym. ChampionFit Boxing Gym is placed in The Ridge Shopping Centre (NW Military Highway and 1604). You can also find it in San Pedro, 6824 San Pedro Avenue.

  • Robert Garcia Boxing Academy

One of the best boxing academies you can find in whole state of Texas is Robert Garcia Boxing Academy in San Antonio (1575 Bandera Rd.). The founders of this Academy claim that it can answer all your fitness needs. Academy has a gym with everything you need, a ring, punching bags, air climbers, as well as all necessary boxing equipment like gloves, wraps, pads, jumping ropes etc. A weight room with kettle bells, medicine balls, free weights and a weight bench are at your disposal also. You don’t need any previous experience in boxing and training itself to join this academy, although it is recommended start at a slower pace in order to prevent injuries. You need to be over 18 years old to join Fight Club of this academy. Children cannot train in this gym, but teenagers are welcome to work out with their parents. This academy teaches you everything you want to know about boxing and training.

  • Randazzo Brothers Boxing Gym

Santo and Frankie Randazzo are brothers who are in boxing world for many years. They claim that they „walked and ran through rand and snow to get to the gym“ back in their days. You can recognize love and passion for boxing there. They have brought that passion to their gym as well. This gym is placed at 12806 Nacogdoches, San Antonio, TX 78216. It offers solid boxing training with experienced coaches. The gym itself has 6 coaches at all. If you want pure boxing training for smaller amount of money, this is the right choice. Price is only $45/month.