How to train for boxing

Boxing is one of the most demanding sports. Over the years, many other sports have changed, with science and nutrition evolving at high speed, but not boxing, which is often called an old school sport. Great strength is a must if you want to succeed in boxing. Boxing training is the training method that boxers use in order to get more fit, and this training method is considered to toughest and most “spartan” form of sports training.

First important thing to understand here is that boxing is an anaerobic sport. Anaerobic means conducting movements without using oxygen. That differs boxing from many other mainstream sports. When conducting an anaerobic exercise, muscle stress is at high level but for a short time and aerobic, on the other hand, stresses muscles at low intensity for longer time. It has been estimated that boxing is approximately 80% anaerobic and 20% aerobic.

Therefore, running long distances at a slow pace won’t do the job in boxing. Why would you run like aerobic sportsman do if boxing is anaerobic sport? In boxing training, it is much more valuable to do interval running. That type of running is the best way to condition body for boxing. At this point, running the intervals at highest possible pace and maintaining this pace is a must. Maintaining the pace is arguably the most important aspect here, because it should bring your heart rate to anaerobic level. Over time, your heart rate will decrease, so you should improve your intervals.

Here is an example of a sample routine:

  1. Warming up (slower pace, 1 – 1.5 miles)
  2. Intervals (600 meters, more than 5 repetitions, depending on your abilities)
  3. Cooling down, jogging, 800m

That’s just a quick example of one running routine. As we said before, doing this at highest pace possible (the main part of the training, at number 2) is what will bring you results. Intensity is key in this sport, and it is better for you to learn that at the very beginning. Also, it is highly recommended for a boxer to run as early as possible, even in dawn, so he has rest of the day to recover before boxing workout in the gym.

Boxing workout consists of skills training and physical preparation or conditioning. Both of these two are highly important. Skilled boxer will have hard time fighting the opponent who has superior anaerobic endurance and power. On the other hand, physically prepared, but less-skilled boxer cannot be successful boxer.

Skill training includes shadow boxing, working out on boxing bags, sparring and defence training. It is important to remember that boxing isn’t the sport you can learn overnight. Such sport does not exist. You have to spend many long nights in the gym practicing you hand endurance, learning how to defend yourself as well as to punch.

There are a lot of things to be done in boxing training, so it is common question how to find time for conditioning. The logical answer is that you must work with high intensity in the gym. No matter if it is sparing or hitting the bag, you must perform the move with intensity. That is the only way to gain endurance and find a way to win an actual boxing match.

As Muhammad Ali said, “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights”. That means that the only way to win a boxing match is to leave your soul in the gym every time you are working out.